Co-Founder, Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly is the co-founder of MC Imports and has a long history in the food service and material handling industries. Over the course of his career, Frank made a name for himself by consistently improving processes, managing cost containment and increasing inventory turnover. Frank’s experience is wide and varied, ranging from new product concepts to End of Life (EOL) disposition. Frank has partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, including Home Depot, Dollar General, Wal-Mart, and Kroger.

After founding Kelmax Equipment, Frank built Kelmax into the 212th largest company on the INC 500 list. He sold Kelmax to a Fortune 500 company and was retained to continue helping grow the company’s import & export businesses.  Leveraged from his Fortune 500 experience, Frank understands what it takes to drive complex, multi-continent projects to completion. Frank has unique skills to operate in any environment ranging from small boot strap operations to a Multi billion dollar corporation.

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Co-Founder, David Dickens

David Dickens co-founder of MC Imports, has a track record and history growing product lines and businesses.  He was a perfect fit when Frank looked to start an import company. David’s entrepreneurial spirit and project management skills were a natural fit for the new venture.  David worked with Frank at KelMax Equipment as one of Frank’s first Manufacturer’s Representative firms.  Frank saw the impact that David can have in the market place.  From the start, MC Import’s mission has been a simple one: provide high quality Chinese-sourced components at an affordable price.

David has extensive business experience having owned and sold multiple companies over the course of his business career.  MC Imports is his fourth venture, having founded Dickens Enterprises, Inc., in 1998, where he serves as CEO and President. Well-versed in sourcing components, parts and complete systems from China, David helps customers save money and improve time-to-market. As displayed by multiple years of growth with both enterprises, David Dickens helps his customers exceed revenue targets.

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Logistics Manager, Alette Stutzman
Alette has been an integral part of the company since the company’s founding. Handling day-to-day activities at MC Imports for 10-years, Alette makes sure critical items stay on track while managing key aspects of the office.  Her expertise in tracking shipments, invoicing and customer service calls provide the high level of detail that our customers have grown to expect. Her skill set has also grown to a full understanding of the import broker relationship.   Her management of our shipments is key to our ability to provide a seamless import program for our customer base.  
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