Getting Your Products on Time is a Big Deal.  Thankfully we Found Each Other. 


With over 20 years of combined experience, MC Imports is recognized as acutely competent at importing Chinese-sourced components. Our products support food service material handling, retail food displays as well as OEM Component Parts. MC Imports sources components from long-standing, high-quality Chinese suppliers that understand product quality, predictable delivery schedules and pricing.


MC Imports will help lower your company’s manufacturing costs, improve your financial bottom-line and enable you to provide consistently high product quality.  MC Imports repeatedly produces Best-in-Class results for its clients. Our team has deep industry experience and knowledge, guaranteeing each customer the most informed assistance possible. The MC Import Advantage is substantial. We purposefully maintain low overhead and margins, allowing MC Imports to offer its clients affordable pricing and consistent quality.  The dense red tape associated with importing from China can be significant. We will manage all facets of the transaction, streamline the process and consolidate parts & components resulting in time and dollar savings.  China manufacturing requires experts to bring to market, Chinese imported products.


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MC Imports is proud to offer state of the art capabilities.  We manufacture to the highest quality standards: ISO 9001, NSF Certified and UL Compliant. MC Imports uses the industry’s most advanced equipment: Laser Turrets, Amada Press Breaks and Robotic Welding Cells.  The end-result of utilizing the highest quality standards and Best-In-Class machinery is predictable quality and better control over shipment timing. Skilled at quality certifications, MC Imports is available to help walk your products through the process, too.


MC Imports will conduct an audit of your manufacturing approach to identify potential cost savings. Our auditing procedure quickly discovers where costs can be cut. Our knowledge of the Chinese market and Chinese manufacturing processes gives us the specialized ability to identify areas where a China import program can offer savings. MC Imports understands the balance and trade-offs between importing and in-house manufacturing. Looking to grow outside your traditional markets?  MC Imports offers sourcing of complete bolt on product lines.  Our years of experience allow us to administer informed feedback about market trends and competitors. Call us to learn more about importing Chinese products.